Support for the Winona Islamic Center

Winona Islamic Center Fundraising event (2)
On November 22, the Bangladesh Student Association of Winona State University hosted a fundraising event for the Winona Islamic Center, which was destroyed by a tragic fire two months ago. The event was held at the First Congregational Church of Winona United Church of Christ and was open to the whole Winona community. A Bangladeshi dinner was served in honor of the donors.
The event was very successful. The dishes we served were: rice, chicken curry, lentils and vegetables. Payesh (a Bangladeshi dish similar to rice pudding) was served as a dessert. We received wonderful comments about the food being very tasty.
There were over 180 people who attended the event and the donation money totaled $3000, which surpassed what we estimated. This money will be handed over to the leaders of the Islamic Center to help them rebuild so Muslims in Winona Community can have a place to pray again. Everyone in the Bangladesh Student Association is grateful to the Winona Community for their immense support and philanthropy.
–Jannati Bristi


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